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Check out Pat on NBC 41 talking about TTouch®!

N2paws is proud to post our new video with Pat on a local news segment. She is describing TTouch® on two dogs. You can't miss it! View the video below, and please give it a few moments to load:

Pat appears in a new video -- on KMBC

N2paws has made the news again. This time, Pat discusses DOGA on KMBC. You can view it on the video below -- please give it a few moments to load:

Sample Success Stories

Check out the success story on Spider – a kitty born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (a neurological disorder that affects mobility). 

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Here are a few more success stories of dogs with physical challenges:  

  • Hermione – puppy mill girl born with bad knees and recovering from surgery

  • Lt. Dan – hoarding rescue who regained mobility for a while but couldn’t sustain it long term due to the type of injury not being repairable, so he learned to adjust to his surroundings with an all-terrain set of wheels

  • Pom Pom – who sustained a dog-dog injury and received Alpha-Stim for the first phase of recovery, then learned how to use his set of wheels

Events Schedule

Jan 11 – Essential Oils for Animals, Peculiar MO, 10-11 am

Jan 25 – Create a Chemical-Free Home for You & Your Animals, Peculiar MO 10-11 am

Feb 10 – Doga, Overland Park KS, 6-7pm

Feb 29 – Hospice for Companion Animals, Peculiar MO, 10am – 12pm

Mar 14 – Intro to TTouch® for Dogs & Cats, Peculiar MO, 10am – 12pm

Mar 23 – Beyond the Big Bang (coping with noise phobia), Overland Park KS, 6-7pm

Due to COVID-19 all classes are suspended at this time. N2paws is offering virtual training opportunities and limited 1:1 training sessions. Check back for calendar updates.

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Pet Food Nutrition Information

Nutritional balance for your dogs and cats is essential. Pat is pleased to provide useful information and advice regarding what to feed your pets:

Nutritional Balance for Your Dog

Nutritional Balance for Your Cat

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