N2paws Mission: Whole Pet Positive Training & Support

Improving the bond between people and animals, while improving the well-being of both


Behavior Coaching & Holistic Support from Baby to Senior


Specializing in these topics:

  • Reduce Anxiety, Fears, and Stress

  • Rescue or Rehoming Transition

  • Senior Care & Hospice Counseling

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Essential Oils for animals

  • Disability & Special Needs Support

  • Rehabilitation or Post-Surgical Support

  • Therapy Team Coaching

What Tools are in the Toolbox?

The Tellington Training Method (TTouch®) is a compassionate approach to the care and education of animal companions. It is a respectful method of working with animals that realizes their intelligence and recognizes that they will learn more in the absence of fear or pain.

TTouch® enriches the lives of animals and their guardians through harmony, cooperation, and trust. The Tellington Training Method offers people positive, practical tools for developing a strong partnership with their animal companions, based on understanding and mutual respect instead of dominance.


Reiki (pronounced ray-key), comes from "rei" meaning spirit and "ki" meaning energy, usually referred to as universal life-force energy. Reiki is a non-invasive, Japanese modality that facilitates healing through energy and awareness, producing powerful results for the body, mind, and spirit. The energy can be passed either hands-on or from a distance. Reiki lends itself wonderfully to animals, especially those that are shy, fearful, or ill because you work within their comfort zone. Reiki can do no harm; the energy is guided to the source of the problem and works toward the highest good of the animal's being.

Reiki Hands

Nutrition is the key to good health. Everything about the body’s function starts in the gut. It is what you provide to the body, as life’s fuel, and how it processes what you give it that makes all the difference in how well you function. Genetics (your inherited characteristics) play a large part in how you thrive and defend against invaders. Did you know that the environment and our food sources (which are often modified and exposed to chemicals) affect our gene expression? This is called epigenetics. Let’s talk about how food and environmental factors can influence your companion animal!

It is a gift to be able to use essential oils in a mindful way for both ourselves and our animal companions. You must be educated in how you use them (understanding the application and ensuring the quality of the source) and they will serve you and your animals well. You can improve behavior, enhance wellness, and detoxify your home. Essential oils can provide support for anxiety relief and relaxation, simple first aid until you can get to your vet, flea and tick avoidance, motion sickness, and many other challenges.

Essential Oils

Doga (doggie yoga), is an opportunity to improve the human-animal bond, while stretching, deep breathing, meditating, learning to balance and relax with your canine companion. Animals are already masters at this. We can learn a bit from them and have fun with them at the same time. N2paws offers Integrated Doga, where you will perform deep breathing and meditation, yoga/doga poses, and a little bit of TTouch. Check out one of our classes. We even offer yoga for kitties (Meowoga).


Check out these specialty classes:

  • Meowoga – This is just like Doga except it honors our feline friends who are the true yogi spirits of the animal kingdom. 
  • Pedicures for Pups – a step-by-step guide to turn toenail trauma into the spa treatment
  • Aging Gracefully – learn techniques that will help comfort your canine family member during the golden years
  • Beyond the Big Bang – help your canine companion cope and calm during noisy events such as thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Prime for Performance – discover methods to warm up and cool down your canine competitor before and after practice or competition
  • Here's Looking at You Kid – tips and techniques for working through your canine's stressful situations like separation anxiety 
  • Kool Katz – Have a cat issue? Have a problem in your multiple cat household? Understand how to create a compatible cat house. 

N2Paws is offering a new service called Alpha-Stim. It is a drug-free behavior and pain management treatment. The Alpha-Stim generates a unique, proprietary electrical waveform that allows the animal's cells to operate naturally by moving electrons throughout the animal's body at a variety of frequencies, collectively known as harmonic resonance. The Alpha-Stim can be used to treat acute, chronic, or post-operative pain as well as bring relief to animals that deal with anxiety issues.


A hands-on technique using specific pressures to release toxins that build up in the muscles and thus release tension in the body (from sore, stiff muscles). Massage improves circulation and boosts the immune system 

PE Shiba 2

N2paws supports dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals
(including rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, and more).

The Tellington (TTouch®) Training Method

N2paws is your progressive pet partner, providing attunement through a variety of techniques to balance the body, mind, and spirit (physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing) of your companion animal.

It is an educational journey toward the improvement of the relationship between people and their companion animals. N2paws provides tools and guidance to work through multiple health and behavioral issues.


About the Owner – Pat Hennessy

Pat Hennessy – Animal Attunement Ambassador, Holistic Practitioner, and Whole Pet Positive Trainer is an Advanced Tellington Method (TTouch®) Practitioner, Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (ACDBC), Animal Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Veterinary Assistant. Memberships include Tellington Training Guild, Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing (IAATH) and Animal Reiki Source.


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