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N2Paws Newsletter -- November/December 2009
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Things to Be Thankful For:

Your health! If you have your health you have the key to everything. It is tough to keep yourself healthy during the cold & flu season. You have heard the mantra: “Eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep, and take your vitamins”. Not bad advice. If you are not at the top of your game, physically, then follow that same advice and choose your foods and vitamins wisely (the most nutrient dense). Also……make sure you spend some extra time with your companion animal. Our animals enrich our lives and make us feel so much better, but to get that benefit you need to set aside some quality time! A good nurturing activity would be some yoga or meditation with your dog or cat. Be sure to engage them and connect with them through touch. It lowers your blood pressure, raises your spirits, and promotes harmony in the household.

Your pet’s health! The key to your companion animal’s longevity is his/her health as well. Ensure that your animal companions are getting a nutrient appropriate diet (quality foods that are best suited for their metabolism – meats & vegetables for dogs, primarily meat based for cats, and vegetable, protein & grain-appropriate for birds). If your pet companion is dealing with a health issue, then it is a priority to ensure a nutrient dense diet and quality supplements may be a supportive addition.

Your relationship with your animal companion! Your furry or feathered family member is there for you like no other. Even though your mom may have made you chicken soup, the animal that curls up beside you is chicken soup for the soul. That love runs deep and comes with only one string attached – that you provide food and shelter. That love will be with you, no judgments attached, until your final breath. But that love will grow in abundance proportionate to the amount of love that you give back. November is our reminder to show appreciation for what we have, but think of that each day when you are greeted by that furry smile or Cheshire grin, or hear the tweeting glee perched across the room. Because, along with our health, what would we have without the animal kingdom.

In the Spirit of Giving:

If you are lucky enough to have some extra disposable income this year, consider a donation to one of the many animal charities that could use our help. Whether it is an animal shelter or small rescue group, they can use all the help they can get. In these tough economic times, more animals are finding their fate to be in the hands of rescue organizations. To assist those groups so they can help more animals, their wish list usually includes: blankets, towels, newspapers, cardboard flats, kitty litter, dog & cat toys, cleaning supplies, and office supplies which are needed all year long. Donating your time is always useful, as there are always things that need to be done: walking dogs, doing laundry, cleaning kennels, transporting animals and of course fostering (if you have time and space). If you don’t have the time to volunteer and don’t have extra supplies to donate – cash is always welcome (and is tax deductible – good time of year to get in those last minute charitable donations!).

Just for Fun (Tip & Quote of the Month):

Training Tip:
Being able to get your dog’s attention could end up being a pretty useful tool to have and is easy to teach. Start out with a high quality treat , hold it up to your face and say “Watch” or “Look”. While your dog is looking at you, praise her by saying “good girl”. If she loses focus make a clicking or kissing sound to regain her attention while still holding the treat up by your face (do not repeat the Watch or Look cue). Only hold her attention for 10-15 seconds when starting out. Use your release word, such as “ok” or “release”, then give her the tasty treat. Practice this exercise and increase the time that she needs to focus on you. Also, practice in different settings and increase the distractions as she masters each level. This cue will be handy when you need to divert her attention from a scary or disruptive object.

“The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog.” “A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution”
– Hazel Nicholson

Astrological Signs for May/June:

Cancer: Let me charm you with my big brown eyes. I’m hungry isn’t there a snack? No, let’s play. On second thought, I think I’ll go over here and chew on my bone.

Leo: I am Lion, hear me roar. I may be a little cat to you but I have a big heart. Don’t betray me for I may slink off in the dark of night.

Feature Companion for this issue: Victor

Victor is a pointer mix – he is sometimes shy and certain things can cause him anxiety. With help from his “mom”, he worked his way through many of his fears and went on to become a therapy dog with Pets For Life. He has participated in fund raisers and made many patients happy just to visit with him. Recently he was participating in a therapy dog evaluation and became very uneasy at the facility. It was a guess that the veterinary odors may have caused the anxiety, but Mom came to the rescue with a bit of TTouch™ to ease his anxiety and he just moved right along. There is nothing more rewarding than to help your animal companion in a time of need and it is comforting to know you have the tools to do it.

Doga for this issue: Padmasna (Lotus Pose)

Calms the brain
Destroys disease
Awakens Kundilini
Surrenders your personal ego to your true universal nature
Develops good posture

p.s. trick photography - don’t try this at home…..but do come to a Doga class to learn how to relax and have fun with your canine companion!

Feature Adoptable Companion for this issue: Tulip & Tyler

Tulip is sweet, playful and gets along with everyone. She is 3 years old and 55 pounds of pure love. She is a beautiful big black girl who just needs a chance to prove herself as a great companion to a loving family. She does have the ability to go over a 4' fence so a privacy fence would be best - or going for lots of walks.

Tyler is sweet, playful and gets along with everyone, just like his sister. He is 3 years old and 63 pounds of pure love. He is a handsome large black boy who is looking for his forever family. Tyler, like his “sis”, also has the ability to go over a 4' fence so a privacy fence would be best, but he would be satisfied with going on walks as well.

Tulip and Tyler are up-to-date on vaccinations and each has a microchip. They would make a wonderful pair and be forever grateful to come into your home and steal your heart! Black dogs are harder to place, because of all the fears and crazy notions. While they may not be as colorful on the outside, they certainly show their true rainbow colors in personality!!!! So don’t consider them a black cloud….they are really a sliver lining.. Big dogs are also more difficult to place, but the bigger they are the more of them there is to love ? You may check out Tulip & Tyler, or any of their peers at Furry Kids Refuge: www.furrykidsrefuge.org, or at PetCo in Lee’s Summit (50 Hwy & Chipman Rd.) most Saturdays (12-5pm). N2paws offers discounted services to transition Tulip and Tyler to their new homes.

Upcoming Events for N2paws & other fun stuff

Jan 18 – Feb 12 – Doga (doggie yoga), Overland Park, KS (6:30-7:30pm)
Feb 22 – Pedicures for Pups, Overland Park, KS (6:30pm)
Mar 3 – Aging Gracefully, Overland Park, KS (6:30pm) Enjoy the holiday season and remember: Place decorative plants with caution (poinsettias, holly & mistletoe are toxic)
Keep an eye on human holiday treats (chocolate is especially dangerous for pets)


N2paws is, once again, offering a holiday special on treats. Buy one type and get a second one (of the same type) for half off!!!! Now is a good time to stock up on high quality treats. Bully Sticks and liver or grain-free treats are good choices for nutritional quality and deliciousness (your dog or cat will thank you!). Also, if you sign up for a class or training session, get a bag of treats FREE! A treat dispensing toy makes a great stocking stuffer – and are available for all of your furry or feathered companions.

Contact N2paws for more information about:

  • High quality (grain free) treats available at low cost
  • ProQuiet or Calmazon

  • If you find yourself facing the loss of a furry or feathered companion, N2paws offers techniques that help ease the transition for you and your companion.

    If you would like to learn more about TTouch, you may contact N2paws by email: pat@n2paws.com or 816-522-7005, for a private session, group workshop or a public speaking engagement for your club or organization. Also, visit our website www.n2paws.com, for interesting links and current workshop schedule.

    You may contact Pat for any questions:

    Email: pat@n2paws.com
    Phone: 816-522-7005