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N2Paws Newsletter -- May/June 2006
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Summer is just around the corner

If you are anxiously waiting for the rain to stop, the sun to come out, and the temperature to warm up for your summer activities, you can bet your dog is waiting too. There are trips to the park and to the lake, barbeques, working in your yard, or just sipping your favorite beverage on your deck or patio while your dog or cat lounges around with you. All these things are part of our summer lifestyle.

While you enjoy your summer activities, be mindful of your furry companion’s time in the sun. Make sure you both have plenty of water. While you are putting on your sunscreen, remember that Max should only have a limited amount of time in the sun. Animals with dark fur or very little hair are more susceptible to sunburn. And just because they like to ride in the car, doesn’t mean they can stay in the car. Temperatures can become deadly in as little as 5 minutes in an enclosed vehicle.

May & June are animal awareness months

May 7-13 is Be Kind to Animals Week & National Pet Week and June 4-10 is Pet Appreciation Week. Take time to reflect on the joy that your companion animal brings you and do something really nice for her. Take her on a long walk or for a ride to get a special treat.

May 21-27 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. This would be a good time to review safety tips for children, and if you don’t have children you probably have nieces, nephews, or neighborhood children.

A few good reminder tips:

  • Never approach a strange dog, look away and don’t make eye contact
  • Always ask if you may pet a dog on leash
  • Never disturb a sleeping dog
  • When touching dogs, stroke them gently and never pull on ears and tails

    June 18-24 is Animal Rights Awareness Week. Write your politicians regarding good animal legislation (e.g. voting against breed specific legislation (BSL), voting for stronger penalties for animal cruelty, etc.). Get involved, your vote counts!

    June 11th is World Pet Memorial Day. A day set aside to honor those wonderful animals that came into our lives and made our lives special.

    Feature Companion for this issue: Scooter (Trooper)
    A little dog was rescued from an animal raid in St. Joseph. He is about 3 years old with a year-old spinal injury (thought to have been hit by a car), and was dragging his back legs. This little guy, known as Scooter, was brought to Wayside Waifs where I found him scooting around. He was a special needs dog that would require a special family that could care for him. I worked with him for a week in an effort to build some strength before his new family came to pick him up. With TTouch I was able to get him up standing and taking steps. This was an amazing effort on his part. His new family renamed him Trooper, which is very fitting for this little guy with a lot of gusto. I will continue his TTouch therapy with his new family. We will see how far his legs will take him. For a video clip you can visit the Kansas City Star web link:

    Just for Fun:

    “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.” – Mark Twain

    Upcoming Events for N2paws & other fun stuff

    May 20 – Pooches in the Park (Young Park, 1100 SE Adams Dairy Pkwy, 9am-3pm)

    May 21 – Half-day TTouch for Dogs workshop in Belton (SKC)

    May 26 – K9 Instincts is sponsoring Jan Fennell, “The Dog Listener” (not to be confused with the dog whisperer) at Unity Temple on The Plaza (lecture & book signing – for reservations call 816-322-4133, register by May 19th and save $10, mention N2paws and receive a free gift)

    June TBD – Half-day TTouch for Dogs workshop in Liberty (NKC)

    If you would like to learn more about TTouch, you may contact N2paws by email: pat@n2paws.com or 816-522-7005, for a private session, group workshop or a public speaking engagement for your club or organization. Also, visit our website www.n2paws.com, for interesting links and current workshop schedule.

    You may contact Pat for any questions:

    Email: pat@n2paws.com
    Phone: 816-522-7005