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N2Paws Newsletter -- May/June 2009
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Ounce of Prevention worth a pound of Cure!

For those of you with puppies or kittens, as long as they are healthy, annual check-ups are all they need. But as your animal companion ages, the yearly vet visit is more important. You want to get a blood work baseline when they become middle-aged (which varies based on breed/size). That way you have the data for comparison as they age. Many illnesses are difficult to detect, especially since our animals will hide symptoms as long as they can due to natural instinct, so the baseline could be very important when determining what is wrong with your companion. In some cases, by the time they show symptoms it can be too late. For senior pets it doesn’t hurt to do semi-annual vet checks, depending on the overall health.

One thing you can do, even when your pet is young, is preventative maintenance. At least once a week, sit down with your pet and do a full body assessment. You can turn this into a routine where you make it a relaxing and bonding experience. Start with the head and stroke very slowly down the body, as if you were reading Braille. Observe, with your fingertips, any changes in body temperature, coat texture, reaction to touch in a specific area (pulling away, licking at your hand, vocalization), or lumps or bumps. If you do this at least weekly you will be collecting information that will be valuable, if not life-saving, down the road. What better way to take a moment to relax, unwind and bond with your companion!

Is toenail trimming a chore?

It doesn’t have to be…..If trimming your dog’s toes is like wrestling an alligator, then you can turn this tough chore into a tolerable, if not pleasant, experience. You just need to take baby steps and re-condition your canine princess into knowing that she will get treated like a queen. You have to take your time, have patience, and shower your dog with high-value treats and praise. It also helps to throw in some TTouch or TLC while changing her perception from toenail torture into the spa treatment. N2paws will be offering a class to turn your toenail trimming task into a bonding experience with your canine companion (see events below).

Just for Fun (Tip & Quote of the Month):

Training Tip:
Start preparing now for July 4th. Have a plan. Take your dogs out early and only for short potty breaks (do not let them out alone). Have a safe haven inside for them (a room downstairs, a closet if they prefer, or a crate if they are comfortable in a crate). Play a TV or radio if you will be out during the day or evening. Don’t leave them all day. If they are extremely fearful, you can try a natural supplement along with TTouch and a body wrap or T-shirt (only with supervision).

“Animals are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time.”
– Henry Beston

Astrological Signs for May/June:

Taurus: I’ll guard my toys like I guard the house, but if you are nice to me I’ll share.

Gemini: I’ll lay here in the sun looking pretty, jump down & stretch, come by and rub on your new pants, meeeeoooooowwww – isn’t it time for dinner?

Feature Companion for this issue: Titan (update)

You may recall that my male shepherd had a ruptured disc back in 2007. After Titan’s initial dose of steroids (for inflammation) - I was able to help him by using TTouch and body wraps, to regain his mobility and balance. Well, one day this spring he started wobbling, then standing on his toes, and within the day he was falling and unable to keep his balance. I was hoping for the best (another ruptured disc), but was bracing for the worst (since this time seemed worse than last time and he is older now). This time after his initial dose of steroids I immediately started in with TTouch and added in Alpha-Stim (electrotherapy) treatments. Within the first week he was standing correctly on his feet even though he was still pretty wobbly and would lose his balance. Today he is walking almost back to normal (which was a bit of an off-gate due to his first bad disc). I feel fortunate that I have these techniques and treatment options available to me. If you want to learn more about them contact N2paws at 816-522-7005 or pat@n2paws.com.

Feature Adoptable Companion for this issue: Angel & Jada

Angel is a 5 year old petite yellow lab who is looking for a fresh start in life. She has had a rough life so far and now deserves to be pampered. She was found huddled underneath a tree over her 8 puppies that she was protecting from the cold (back in March). She raised her pups and they got placed, then it was her turn, but it was discovered that she was heartworm positive. She has begun her treatment and it will be complete around the end of May and that's when she'll be ready for adoption. Angel has such a great personality! She is a very laid back girl and only wants to sit on your feet to get some loving. She’s not that interested in toys because she's never really been around them. She is great with other animals (dogs and cats) and good around children.

Jada was found hiding in the bushes and cowered as she was approached. Some neighborhood kids had seen her being kicked. This beautiful sweet black girl needs someone to take her in (and soon), because the home that is giving her refuge is over their limit with fosters.

If you can give Angel or Jada a loving home or know someone that can give either of them the life that they deserve - please contact Dana at conyers33@hotmail.com or 816-590-0852. N2paws will offer discounted services to help Angel or Jada transition to their new homes.

Upcoming Events for N2paws & other fun stuff

May 16 – Open House (Tails R’ Waggin), 10a-3p, OvPk, KS
May 17 – Pooches on the Pkwy, 10a-4p, Blue Springs, MO
Jun 1 or 8 – Big Bang Help for your Dog, 6:30-7:30 OvPk, KS
June 15 or 22 – Toenail Trauma made Easy, 6:30-7:30 OvPk, KS
June 13 – Paws in the Park, Shawnee Mission Park
June 14 – Dog N’ Jog, 7-10am, Country Club Plaza
July 13 – Aug 3: Doga (yoga for dogs), Mondays 6:30-7:30 OvPk, KS
July 26 – TTouch for Dogs workshop, Belton, MO Announcements

N2paws is teaming up with Dr. Wayne Hunthausen for Pet Projects – educational tips for pet owners on KUDL. Check out N2paws on Wednesday afternoons on your drive home.

Contact N2paws for more information about:

  • High quality (grain free) treats available at low cost
  • ProQuiet or Calmazon

  • If you find yourself facing the loss of a furry or feathered companion, N2paws offers techniques that help ease the transition for you and your companion.

    If you would like to learn more about TTouch, you may contact N2paws by email: pat@n2paws.com or 816-522-7005, for a private session, group workshop or a public speaking engagement for your club or organization. Also, visit our website www.n2paws.com, for interesting links and current workshop schedule.

    You may contact Pat for any questions:

    Email: pat@n2paws.com
    Phone: 816-522-7005