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N2Paws Newsletter -- March/April 2010
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In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb

We have all heard the saying, “In like a lion and out like a lamb”, in reference to the month of March, but do you know its origin? This old saying, like “the dog days of summer”, is based on the constellations – in this case Leo the Lion and Aries the Ram (or lamb). From the first day of March until the last day of March, Leo (the Lion) rises higher in the Eastern sky, while at the same time Aries (the Ram….aka Lamb) lowers in the western sky. We also know that in many climates the average temperature rises about 15 degrees from March 1st to March 31st going from winter into spring. Well in our neck of the woods we are certainly welcoming spring. It has been a long cold winter but now it is time to get out and take in that warm sunshine. The vitamin D will do you and your pets a lot of good. Find activities that you can do together, even if it is sitting together on your deck or patio while you have a cup of coffee. Take them out with you while you plant your flowers or garden. Go for a nice long walk. Enjoy these first days of spring and get outside while the sun is shining, because we know that March turns to April and April brings spring showers.

Aches & Pains and Weather Vanes

You may know a storm is coming when your dog runs and hides or pants and paces, and there are ways to help your canine companion through those situations. But what about your senior dog that lets you know the weather is changing by the way she moves. She may be slow to get up or limp a bit in her step. That is often influenced by barometric changes due to the high and low fronts that commonly move across North America.

Air is made of molecules and those molecules have weight; barometers measure that weight providing barometric pressure readings. As we age our joints loosen up and the surrounding tissue is not as tight. The space pockets created respond to barometric pressure changes often causing pain, especially in those who suffer with arthritis. You can help your dog through these changing weather patterns with a bit of TTouch™ or gentle massage, a comfortable thick spot to rest the aching bones and some natural supplements to support the joints (such as GLC or Hyaflex ).

Just for Fun (Tip & Quote of the Month):

Training Tip:
It is important to get your dog out for socialization, especially at an early age. The best way to introduce this is in a controlled environment such as a puppy class or family manners class. Even if your dog is not a pup, you can still enroll him an a basic obedience class to observe and guide his social skills. Building on what you learn from class, you should take your dog out to several places (other than the dog park), where he will meet a variety of people and other canines. Dogs that have not been socialized are often fearful of other dogs, people and/or new situations. Getting your dog out and about to experience life, while providing him with leadership, will build a confident and happy dog.

It’s just the cat’s meow: No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow – Proverb

Every dog has his day: Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!” – Robin Williams

Astrological Signs for May/June:

Cancer: Let me charm you with my big brown eyes. I’m hungry isn’t there a snack? No, let’s play. On second thought, I think I’ll go over here and chew on my bone.

Leo: I am Lion, hear me roar. I may be a little cat to you but I have a big heart. Don’t betray me for I may slink off in the dark of night.

Feature Companion for this issue: Peaches

Peaches is a very sweet Chow girl that was found frozen in the snow (with several hidden medical issues). You may have seen her story on the news back in late January. She was rushed over to The Pet Connection where she was given IV fluids and antibiotics (to fight a raging infection). N2paws was called in to help - using TTouch™ to compliment the veterinary care. Ear slides were the order of the day (along with the circle touches), to help support the immune system and keep the dog from going into shock. With the TLC given to Peaches by MOGS (MO German Shepherd rescue, the team that found her), Pet Connection and N2paws, Peaches was quickly on her way to recovery.

Doga & Meowoga for this issue: Padmasna (Lotus Pose)

Increases blood flow to the brain
Revitalizes body systems
Increases mind body coordination
Tones spinal nerves

Adho Mukha Vrksasana
Strengthens shoulders
Improves balance
Calms the brain
Strengthens stomach muscles

p.s. trick photography - don’t try this at home…..but do come to a Doga class to learn how to relax and have fun with your canine companion!

Feature Adoptable Companion for this issue: Max

Max is a gentle soul, whose person passed away. He was put outside to grieve, alone and abandoned. He was found thin and disheartened, but his spirits were lifted as learned that there were people who cared and could show him love. In turn he loves to be with people, including children, and is gentle with all. He adores his Frisbee, a good chase object, but would do best in a home without kitties. Max has a wonderful sweet natured temperament and would make a great family member or therapy dog. You may find out more about Max, or any of his rescue buddies at MO-KAN Border Collie Rescue, www.mokanbcrescue.org, whose mission is to find forever homes for these wonderful dogs. N2paws offers discounted services to transition Max to his new home (or just take a class with Max for fun!).

Upcoming Events for N2paws & other fun stuff

Apr 17-18 – Pet Expo (American Royal Convention Center)
May 1 – Half-day, TTouch™ for Dogs workshop, Liberty, MO
May 15 – Open House at Tails R’ Waggin, Overland Park, KS
May 3 – 24 - Doga Class, Mondays 6:30–7:30pm, Overland Park, KS
May 23 – Half-day, TTouch™ for Cats workshop, Liberty, MO
June 5th - Open House, Mariposa Veterinary Center, Lenexa, KS
June 6th – Half-day, TTouch™ for Dogs workshop, Olathe, KS
Jun 7 & 21 – *Beyond the Big Bang, Overland Park, KS (6:30pm)
Jun 14 – *Pedicures for Pups, Overland Park, KS (6:30pm)
Jul 12 – *Aging Gracefully, Overland Park, KS (6:30pm)
Jul 19 – *Here’s Looking at You Kid, Overland Park, KS (6:30pm) Announcements

Now that the Christmas ice and snow has finally melted - is your yard full of leftovers from your dog? Are there more piles than you imagined waiting to be cleaned up? Check out the easy and back-friendly tool from Scoopy the Poo™. It is affordable and makes scooping a breeze. Go to www.scoppythepoo.com to learn more.

Contact N2paws for more information about:

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  • If you find yourself facing the loss of a furry or feathered companion, N2paws offers techniques that help ease the transition for you and your companion.

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