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N2Paws Newsletter -- March/April 2007
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Happy Spring!

Are you ready for spring? We gained daylight earlier this year, so that means we can take advantage of it by going for a walk in the evening with the dog, before everything is in bloom (and pollinating) and before the heat hits us. You can actually take your cat on a walk too. Harnesses work great for that. And when you start in on your yard work or gardening, put your cat in a harness and get a nice long lead so you can have him out there with you. He’ll get a breath of fresh air and you won’t have to worry about him wandering off.

While we are on the topic of enjoying the extra daylight and warmer weather (finally!), this is the time of year to start fertilizing then weeding your yard. Herbicides (weed killers) and pesticides have been linked to the growing cancer rate in pets. Review the ingredients in what you choose because they can change from year to year. Not only do you have to worry about chemicals being absorbed in your pet’s paws and ingested if they eat grass, but it can be inhaled from all the sniffing they do in the grass. If you do use lawn products, water after each application to help break down any chemicals before allowing your pet out on the grass. For those of you in maintenance-free residences, find out what is used on the grasses where your dog or cat will travel. If you live close to a golf course, be aware that residue run off could end up on your property. There are safe ways to treat your lawn yourself, or if you use a lawn service ask if they use pet-friendly products. Be careful of the term “natural products”, because that doesn’t necessarily mean non-toxic. Some pet friendly options are:

  • Diatomaceous earth, neem, and citrus to repel insects
  • Vinegar can be used to kill weeds or grass in between bricks or sidewalk areas
  • Certain plants will repel insects, such as marigolds or tansy
  • Grass clippings can help fertilize a lawn
  • You can pick weeds (the old fashioned way), and dandelions can be used as a useful herb
Another friendly reminder, since we know some indoor plants are toxic, that Easter Lilies are dangerous to pets.

Safety Alert:
You may or may not have heard recently on the news about a substance that is VERY toxic, even lethal to dogs. It is called Xylitol, which is found in chewing gum, candy, toothpaste and other products. Dogs, depending on the size, can die from consuming even a half a stick of gum. It raises their body temperature and cooks them from the inside out. A Labrador died from eating a few pieces of gum and a Beagle turned severely ill and ended up blind from eating one half of a piece of gum. Not only do you need to watch where you store your products and keep your purse (ladies), but keep an eye on children so they don’t share (on purpose or by accident), with the family pet.

Feature Companion(s) for this issue: Greyhound Pets of America MoKan Group

The Greyhound Pets of America MoKan group gathered a few members up in December to host a TTouch workshop for their dogs. This is a great opportunity for a breed club or rescue group to get their fellow dog lovers together and learn techniques that will help calm and relax both the person and their canine companion, while enhancing their relationship. This is especially good for the rescue dog, who is trying to adjust to a new environment. Workshops are available for cat guardians and their friends as well. We had a lovely group of cat lovers that came together for a workshop in November. If you know of, or volunteer for, a dog or cat rescue group let them know about these workshop opportunities.


N2paws is adding a photo gallery to the website. It will include workshops as well as client photos. If you would like to see your dog, cat, bird, horse, etc., added to the photo gallery, send your photos to pat@n2paws.com.

Just for Fun:

Tip: Introduce your puppy to people of all shapes, colors and sizes so that she will be comfortable with everyone (you may also want to include people in wheelchairs).

Quote: “My dog is half pit-bull, half poodle. Not much of a watchdog, but a vicious gossip!”
– Craig Shoemaker [This quote is funny, but it illustrates the human behavior of stereotyping. I encourage you to become more informed about breed-specific legislation (BSL) and support public education, owner responsibility, and crime prevention programs.]

Upcoming Events for N2paws & other fun stuff

Apr 7 – Feloga (kitty yoga) Class, Saturday 10am – 12pm, Mission KS
Apr. 26 – May 31 - Doga Class, Thursdays 6– 7pm, Mission KS
Apr. 28 – Jun. 2 - Doga Class, Saturdays 10 – 11am, Mission KS
May (TBD) – Half-day, TTouch for Dogs workshop, in Belton, MO
May 19 – Pooches on the Parkway (dog event), Blue Springs MO
May/Jun (TBD) – Half-day, TTouch for Dogs workshop, Liberty MO
Jun 16 – Half-day, TTouch for Cats workshop, in Mission, KS
Jul 15 – Half-day, TTouch for Dogs workshop, Gladstone MO

If you would like to learn more about TTouch, you may contact N2paws by email: pat@n2paws.com or 816-522-7005, for a private session, group workshop or a public speaking engagement for your club or organization. Also, visit our website www.n2paws.com, for interesting links and current workshop schedule.

You may contact Pat for any questions:

Email: pat@n2paws.com
Phone: 816-522-7005