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July/August 2006 Newsletter

N2paws hopes that everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July. It can be an anxious time for our companion animals. If your pets get nervous from fireworks and other noises, you can offer them some calming touch to bring down their adrenaline levels from the holiday anxiety (which in some neighborhoods goes beyond the 4th). Use gentle circular touches down the body and gentle stroking of the ears.

Dog Days of Summer

Do you know where the term “dog days of summer” originated? In ancient times people took their beliefs from what they found in nature or in the heavens (as they looked up above). On a clear night, when you look up at the stars you can see images. Of the two dog constellations, the brightest star is Sirius (aka the “dog star”). In the summer, Sirius rises and sets with the sun. It was believed that when Sirius was in alignment with the Sun, it added to the heat of the sun. This period known as the dog days of summer, usually between July 3 – August 11, is considered to be the hottest sultriest part of summer.

The dog days of summer also give us more daylight to have fun with our dogs. There are dog shows, picnics, dog events throughout the city, as well as dog walks and trips to the park. As long as you keep yourself and your furry friend hydrated, there are many fun things to do and see.

Feature Companion for this issue: Hermione

Hermione is a precious puppy that was rescued from a puppy mill and fostered by the Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue. She was born with detached knees and was taken for surgery to correct them. Unfortunately, when the surgeon performed the procedure it turned out to be more complicated than he had planned so he only operated on one leg. That new leg gave Hermione hope. After hydrotherapy and some regular physical therapy, she was coming along slowly. With the TTouch method Hermione was able to balance herself better and gain more mobility in the leg that still needed to be repaired. The leg that had already been restored was working like a brand new leg. Hermione is full of life and behaving in a very puppy mode (running around and hard to catch). She is a special needs dog and found her forever home in Nebraska. For a video clip you can visit the Kansas City Channel web link: http://www.thekansascitychannel.com/video/9359752/detail.html


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If you are looking for a great opportunity for agility with your dog – check out The Dogs Spot: www.thedogsspot.com (also offers puppy/family manners classes).

Just for Fun:

“I used to look at my dog Smokey and think, “if you were a little smarter you could tell me what you’re thinking,” and he’d look at me like he was saying, “if you were a little smarter I wouldn’t have to.”
– Fred Jungclaus

Upcoming Events for N2paws & other fun stuff

July 21 – Midwest Institute for Natural Healing, 5pm - 9pm (River Market)

July 28 – Dogs n Suds at Pet Connection, 8pm-10pm (Mission KS)

August 5 – Half-day TTouch for Dogs workshop in Mission KS

August 20 – Half-day TTouch for Dogs workshop in Gladstone, MO

August 27 – Half-day TTouch for Dogs workshop in Liberty, MO

September 9 – Half-day TTouch for Cats workshop in Mission KS

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