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N2Paws Newsletter -- January/February 2009
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Beating the Winter Blues

The holidays are behind us, the decorations are put away, the winter wind is blowing and you feel stuck inside waiting for spring to arrive. When you can’t take your dog for a walk because it’s icy or too cold, don’t let the winter blues get you down. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape, pick an activity you can do with your animal companion. If you want a vigorous workout, try agility or freestyle (dancing), with your dog. If you are looking for something low key, more of a body tune-up try yoga with your companion (Doga for dogs and Meowoga for cats). If you just want to learn to relax and unwind, you can do meditation with either your furry or feathered companions. When using treats to train and motivate your dog use low calorie, high quality, treats - preferably grain free . That way they won’t be packing on extra pounds during our final winter days. If you find yourself seasonally challenged, remember that little by little we are starting to gain daylight and February is a short month. Speaking of February………

Don’t forget your furry sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the love in your heart. Since we all have a special place in our hearts for our furry and feathered companions they deserve their own little celebration, however, leave the candy and flowers for your 2-legged love. You can offer your companion a day of pampering, some dedicated time with you doing a relaxing activity: snuggling on the sofa, a bit of TTouch or massage, some meditation or yoga. Their day would not be complete without a special meal or treat, something out of the ordinary: their own cut of meat, an item from the pet bakery or a grain free snack. You could get a package of some new treats and offer them tidbits throughout the day . You may also want to splurge on a new toy. Nothing says, “I love you”, like a juicy piece of steak or salmon and a bright squeaky “thing”.

Just for Fun (Tip & Quote of the Month):

Training Tip:
While you are stuck inside during the cold winter days, take the opportunity to teach your dog (old or young) a new cue (aka command) or trick. It will give you both something to do that is fun and rewarding: rewarding to you because you can show off to your friends and have a new communication tool to use with your animal companion, and rewarding to your companion because she will get some tasty treats while learning something new which challenges her mind. If you think shake and roll over are boring, try something different – like retrieving a plastic bowl when you say “what time is it?” Try teaching this new cue with a brand new treat , one you have never used. Your companion will be more motivated when you do something different.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Astrological Signs for January/February:

Capricorn: I need to squeak this toy, I’ve got to keep squeaking this toy. I just know this squeaker is going to bust, but I must keep squeaking….oh darn it broke. I knew it was going to break.

Aquarius: Oh, you think putting that gate up is going to keep me out. Ha! I can climb it, I can unlatch it, I can take it apart and put it back together and you’ll never know I did it. Ha!

Feature Companion for this issue: Pom Pom

Pom Pom was a stray running loose who was brought into Pet Connection in December. He was the victim of a scuffle with a couple of dogs, which left him paralyzed. He was not given very good odds due to his age and the discovery of a previous spinal injury, but he is a feisty little guy. Pet Connection and N2paws have been providing him with traditional and holistic care, including daily therapy. He is making progress very slowly. We don’t know if he will regain use of his back legs, but he has a lot of spunk. He also has a new wheelchair. To the right home he could be the couch partner of your dreams, as long as you can provide him with the dedicated personal attention he needs to stay healthy and mobile. If you are interested in learning more about Pom Pom, you may contact Pet Connection at 913-671-PETS. If you are interested in learning more about helping animals with disabilities, contact N2paws at 816-522-7005 or pat@n2paws.com.

Feature Adoptable Companion for this issue: Mr. Monty

Mr. Monty is a big lovable guy, with a heart of gold. He is an older fellow (at the age of 8), that would make a wise and loyal companion. He is very sweet and gets along with other dogs (cats are unknown). He was sick and emaciated and left to die, but rescued, given TLC, and working toward a clean bill of health. He just needs to find his forever home; one that will provide him with the comfort and love that he deserves and in turn he will provide a never ending gratitude and loyalty beyond measure. You may check out Mr. Monty or any of his buddies at Missouri German Shepherd Rescue, www.mogsrescue.com, whose mission is to find forever homes for these wonderful dogs. N2paws offers discounted services to transition Mr. Monty, or any of his buddies, to their new home.

Upcoming Events for N2paws & other fun stuff

Jan 19 – Feb 9 - Doga Class, Mondays 6:30–7:30pm, Overland Park, KS
Feb 6 - 8 – Metropolitan Lawn & Garden Show (American Royal)
Feb 13 – 15th Mid-America RV & Boat Show (Bartle Hall)
Feb 20 – 22nd Mid-America Boat Show (Bartle Hall)
Mar 9 – 30 - Doga Class, Mondays 6:30–7:30pm, Overland Park, KS
Mar 15 – Half-day, TTouch for Dogs workshop, Belton, MO Announcements

Pat Hennessy, of N2paws, was recognized by the Tellington TTouch Training office for her achievements and promoted to a TTouch Practitioner II in October 2008.

N2paws is offering a holiday special on treats. Buy one type and get a second one (of the same type) for half off!!!! Now is a good time to stock up on high quality treats. Bully Sticks/Moo Sticks and liver or salmon treats are good choices for their nutritional quality and deliciousness (so I’m told by the dogs and cats).

  • To learn more about high quality treat varieties and sizes, contact pat@n2paws.com or 816-522-7005. Many organic choices are also available. N2paws offers fun training tips and exercises as well. Contact pat@n2paws.com or 816-522-7005 to find out about classes.

  • If you find yourself facing the loss of a furry or feathered companion, N2paws offers techniques that help ease the transition for you and your companion.

    If you would like to learn more about TTouch, you may contact N2paws by email: pat@n2paws.com or 816-522-7005, for a private session, group workshop or a public speaking engagement for your club or organization. Also, visit our website www.n2paws.com, for interesting links and current workshop schedule.

    You may contact Pat for any questions:

    Email: pat@n2paws.com
    Phone: 816-522-7005